Australia embassy helps candidates in getting the visa for this country. It’s located in different parts of the world helping Australians settled in different parts of the world. So, it’s of equal benefit to the nationals of a country and Australians settled in foreign lands also

In case you are interested in getting the Australia PR visa, it’s better to get in touch with consultants who can deal with the formalities of such Australia embassy with you.  Australia embassy checks the credibility of the documents provided by those aspiring to immigrate.

Work on the Australia visas

The aim of the Australia embassy is to provide visas as soon as possible for people who are willing to come to this country. Anybody can get hassled when the visas take so much time in processing. If you have planned a trip to Australia and the visas take a time of months to arrive, then your travel plans can be spoiled. This is what Australia embassy seeks to avoid. It can help you in getting the visa processed timely if the document submission is alright.

Australia embassy handles all kinds of visa applications which include ETA and the working holiday visa.  The ETA refers to the electronic travel authorization, which is given to all those candidates who belong to such countries having such travel arrangements with Australia.

Department of Home Affairs provides one with the ETA in days in connection with the  Australia embassy. Most of the countries are eligible to apply for this ETA offline only, at the office of VFS Global in their country and rest is handled by the Australia embassy.

Study visa interviews at the Australia embassy

The Australia embassy in India also conducts an interview for the purpose of giving a study visa. After a student’s offer letter is given to him by an Australian university, a student is required to pay the fees for this visa. Then he gets the confirmation of enrolment from the university after which he can apply for the visa. At the interview, a student is supposed to give answers to questions like why he prefers Australia for his studies. A student who has the dreams of studying in Australia has to go to such visa interviews alone. The student can also be asked questions about why he chose a certain college for his education by the visa officer in the Australia embassy. The student has to give thorough information about his intentions of getting to Australia for such education. The GRE score of the candidate can also be asked about during this interview in the Australia embassy. However, the study visa interviews at Australia embassy can have distinct questions depending on the student’s intended field of education.

One of the primary concerns during such Australia embassy interviews is the financial and family background of a student which determines his success in studies in Australia. The aspiring students should be prepared to show their financial documents during such interviews. Without such papers, the students cant prove their credibility as students. In this Australia embassy interview for the study visa, a student has to disclose, all the information about any rejection he faced with a certain Australian university.