The Canada embassy helps so many individuals every year in getting any desired visas. The embassy is responsible for taking decisions for both short term and long term visas.

Assistance for Canadian visas to Indians

Short term visas include the visitor visa, the work permits, study visas and the working holiday visa to Canada. So, the Canada embassy in India does a really critical job.

The offices of Canada embassy are situated in various cities in India to facilitate the processing of visa applications from the various regions here. In case, a candidate needs a renewal of his permanent resident travel document, he should have to provide his documents to the VFS Global. But his verification of documents is done by the Canada embassy. So, whether you need a permanent resident travel document being a PR holder of Canada, but when you are away from here, its easily available from the Canada embassy of your India/current country, wherever you are.

All the decisions about the Express Entry visa are taken by the Canada embassy. This program has been implemented for the facilitation of the grant of the PR visa Canada. So, this embassy handles all the work with regards to whether a candidate has sent his original documents or not.

This Canada embassy is especially useful in the case an employee needs to have the visa to go to Canada. He can apply for the work permit, to the VFS global so that he is able to go to, the, Canadian province from where he has received his job offer. All the backend job of handling such visa application is done by the Canada embassy. VFS Global is the authorized Visa application center of the Canada embassy.

Study visa applications are handled by the Canada embassy. The visa offer in a Canada embassy takes your interview with regard to such visa applications. He asks you why you selected this country as your study destination. The onus of selecting students for study visa applications lies on the heads of a visa officer of the Canada embassy.

The visa officer in the Canada embassy also needs to be assured about why you chose a certain university. So, you should know these reasons which can also include the world ranking of your chosen university.


The Canada embassy has various kinds of services available for Canadians living in India also which include helping them look for a job in India.  They can also get help once they get involved in some kind of legal hassle.

In India, Canada embassy offices are present in the different cities of Delhi, Chennai, and Chandigarh. So, if anything happens to you, as a Canadian living in India, you can get help for any kind of medical emergency from a Canada embassy. All the information regarding Indian doctors is given to Canadian citizens in case they face any issues in India.