The India embassy is responsible for handling so many things. It’s responsible for taking care of all the foreign tourists who want to come to this country. All over the world, the India embassy is a major source of help to Indians who are living in countries such as the USA, Canada, and Australia. India embassy is responsible for issuing eTV visas to non-Indians who want to be here. The foreign citizens have to apply for this visa prior to their scheduled visit to India. Each of the times a visit is allowed on this visa, it cant be more than 30 days. The India embassy ensures that the visa is provided to foreign citizens as easily as possible without them undergoing many hassles. Any foreign citizen who wants to come to this country can apply for this eTV visa two times a year. The interested candidates would be happy to know that by applying for this Etv visa, they can get it within 4 days. So, this is all due to the systematic processing services offered by India embassy. The India embassy provides the tourist visa to Indians for a period of 6 months. It, however, has a longer processing time of 7 days as compared to the Etv.

The visit of the foreign tourist can be scheduled for any purpose including, the need to see relatives and pals living here. On top of it, he could also come here for getting medical treatments. So, he can apply online on the portal of the India embassy to get this visa. India has a lot of tourist attractions for foreign citizens, due to which so many people are keen to come here every year. Indians living abroad also heave a sigh of relief due to the services of theIndia embassy. This is because the India embassy provides a lot of services to the Indians living abroad. India embassy is located in the different cities of US which include, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Houston, San Francisco and, Atlanta.

These services include the renewal of the Indian passport for the Indian citizens. If any mishap happens with an Indian citizen abroad, the India embassy offers its due services. These services include the, providing the information to the family in India of the Indian citizen.

In case someone who is an Indian citizen, and is living abroad, he can get assistance in case he falls ill. The India embassy provides help, in event of a serious medical condition. The India embassy is also responsible for the deportation of a candidate in case a decision is taken regarding the same. The India embassy also takes care of Indian citizens, in case a natural disaster happens abroad. So, there are varied duties performed by India embassy for Indian citizens.

The India embassy in Canada also provides kind of help to Indians. However, a longer duration visa of 1 year is also available once you have some property in India.