Indian embassy performs so many roles. Its responsible for getting employees to India. If a foreign citizen is able to bag a job In India, he is able to get an Evisa thanks to the efforts of the Indian embassy.

There are specific procedures which are needed to get this visa. An Indian employer is supposed to sign an undertaking on the behalf of a foreign employee before getting him/her to India. This undertaking is submitted to the Indian embassy in a foreign country before the foreign employee can be sent to India to work.

Indian embassy

Permission for shooting of foreign movies in India

The Indian embassy is also supposed to provide clearance about the, shooting of any kind of  foreign movies in India.  So, any foreign filmmaking team and crew who want to come to India to shoot any kind of documentaries/movies has to take permission from the Indian embassy located in its homeland.

The crew of the film has to take permission about such shooting from the Indian embassy. In case the shooting has to be done at the architectural monuments of India, a prior permission is needed from the Archaeological Survey of India(ASI) about  such shooting.

The shooting crew and team have to provide their film script to the Indian embassy to commence such shooting. Since the prior permission of the Indian embassy located abroad is required, to start such shooting, it takes some time. Overseas Citizen of India card is useful for those citizens of India who live abroad and hold PR cards of a foreign country. In the case of such citizens, the OCI card is prepared by the Indian embassy located in the foreign country where they reside.

Issue of OCI Cards

The OCI card is given to those children who are not of Indian origin but have Indian citizenship either due to having an Indian citizen residing abroad as a parent or have married an Indian citizen living abroad. Such candidates don’t have the passport of India and supposedly the need to come to India arises for them. In that case, they need the OCI card to be granted such privilege. They have the OCI card to stay in India for a long time.  An Indian embassy grants them this OCI card.

So, such children whose parents are Indian will have to apply for the OCI card online at the Indian embassy website. Then, he will have to wait for 24 hours to get any response from the Indian Embassy. In his online application, he needs to provide them, with his Indian passport number and the Date of Birth.

Renunciation of Indian citizenship

The moment any foreign PR holder gets his citizenship in a foreign country, he can leave his Indian citizenship behind. This process is given the name of renunciation. Now, an Indian embassy is also responsible for this process. The foreign citizens can give up their Indian citizenship by getting a renunciation certificate.

So, a candidate who applies for such renunciation needs to apply for it, by presenting his Indian and foreign passport at the Indian embassy sponsored partner website for such services. Apart from the foreign passport, details of the gained foreign citizenship are also important for such renunciation.